Ending the year strong

It’s crunch time. And as the year comes to an end, here are some strategies to help you finish strong, both personally and professionally. 

Get serious

It’s time to set your goals (if you haven’t already) and really commit to them. Take out a pen and notepad. Write down your goals and the dates by which you want to accomplish them. Getting serious and staying determined is key throughout this process. Every time you achieve a goal, cross it off the list. It will give you a visible way to see progress; each time you’re able to cross off a goal, you’ll feel motivated to accomplish more. 

Be bold

If you want to meet your goals by year end, there isn’t a lot of time to procrastinate or hold onto doubt or excuses—all distractions that cost you precious time. Be confident and bold. It will take you further in the long run. 

Set and reach deadlines

By enforcing deadlines, you’ll hold yourself accountable and find yourself finishing the year with good results. And don't be afraid to carry this strategy on into the new year. 

Create a sense of urgency

Don’t overwork yourself. Find your pace and keep with it. You may find yourself losing your motivation, but even incremental steps toward your goals will reward you in the end!

Be relentless

During crunch time, it’s important to stay determined. Staying on course is key to finishing out the year strong. Yes, it may come with a bit of pain, but the outcome and your victory will feel even sweeter when it happens. 

Don’t be afraid to say no

For such a short, simple word, “No” holds so much power. It can help you set limits in the last stretch of the year, and it will determine whether you reach your goals. It doesn’t mean you can’t use the word yes, but making sure that your “no” list is longer will make it easier to finish the year strong.

Speed it up

It’s time to pick up the slack and the pace. Getting things done in a timely fashion is a huge competitive advantage and demonstrates commitment, competence and clarity of purpose—the key to transformational results. 

Refuse to give up

You may feel burned out and ready to give up. Maybe you’ve already given up. But don’t let the past affect the present. Stay strong and don’t let it define you. Instead, focus your mind on what you want to achieve next. 

Make it count

As the year comes to an end and you’re working harder than ever to achieve your goals, remember that each day comes with a new supply of dedication, discipline, perseverance and accountability. Don’t worry about your year-to-date results. Whether they’re good or bad, you can always work harder and do better! 

Following these strategies almost guarantees a successful outcome. So set those deadlines, get serious, say no, act bold and finish out the year strong. You’ve got this! 

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